Hi, I’m Jake. I’m a software developer. Below is a list of projects I’ve made. More about me. Hire me.



  • DataZooka - A tool for visualizing correlations in data. Built in JavaScript using Crossfilter and D3.

  • Vaccine - Configurable shims for modular JavaScript. It makes CommonJS or AMD modules work in the browser with the minimal amount of code.

  • TriviaRank - A site where users can create and play trivia quizzes. Each player earns a rank per topic, so competing with friends is fun. Written in PHP (30k lines), MySQL, and JavaScript (4500 lines).

  • Rubik’s Cube Solver - A robot that solves Rubik’s cubes. I did the color detection and interfacing with a camera using an FPGA.

More projects:

  • Represent - A UI framework built after my frustration with Facebook’s React. It keeps the views and the model separated by a raw data layer, so that they can be developed separately.

  • TTT - A multiplayer RTS-like game in Meteor. The game is synchronized turn based, so all moves are decided in a 30 second (or so) window, and then performed all at once.

  • Dot - A framework for managing configuration files. It uses custom Ruby DSLs, and allows for inheritance.

  • EasyDemo - EasyDemo is a simple way to demo a web app. The demo is given in a separate window with signals to point out different things in the web app.

  • ULTRA - An ultrasound research platform made with an FPGA. It is an arbitrary waveform generator that works at high speeds and uses DDR RAM. This was my senior project.

  • Bombz - A multiplayer game where people move bombs around, trying to blow up other bombs. The game is in Flash, with Python + Twisted on the server.

  • Elemental - A command line game to find new elements by reacting available elements together. Node.js

  • HelloWorldGA - A basic evolutionary algorithm written in C++.